The Casey Sisters

Nollaig Casey
Máire Ní Chathasaigh
Mairéad Ní Chathasaigh

Co-produced, recorded and mixed by Chris Newman, the new CD has already received a few wonderful reviews.

We were delighted with this one in The Irish Times today (October 16)...



The Casey Sisters: Sibling Revelry ****

Intimacy and intuition are at the heart of this radiant collection.
Máire Ní Chathasaigh, Nollaig Casey and Mairéad Ní Chathasaigh are already highly regarded, but together, the sum of their parts reveals a generosity of spirit, a shared delight in the tunes and an appetite for forensic musical excavations.

Máire’s harp is at its subtle best on O’Carolan’s Katherine O’More, its sotto voce conversation with the fiddle giving full voice to the tune’s delicacies.

The Bandon- bridge Suite, composed by the sisters, is a playful, meditative and sweeping reflection on a part of the country seldom referenced in the traditional music canon.

Máire’s vocals bring a rich dimension and the unveiling of Connamara, a previously unpublished tune from the Bunting collection, is a further treat.

Siobhan Long




This has to be my favourite album title of the year.

Sibling Revelry, the debut album from the distinguished Casey-Ní Chathasaigh sisters, is an album of first-class musicianship. Singer and fiddle-player Nollaig Casey (once of Planxty and Coolfin) plays beautifully on the haunting Lament for General Monroe. Máire Ní Chathasaigh shows throughout why she is hailed as one of the world's best harp players. Mairéad Ní Chathasaigh has a sweet voice as well as a fine talent on the fiddle. They are joined on three tracks by Arty McGlynn on acoustic guitar.

This is a wonderfully atmospheric album, never more so than on Connamara, a previously unpublished composition by Edward Bunting (1773–1843), which was made available by Belfast's Queen's University library. * * * *

Review by Martin Chilton. Now in his list of best folk albums of 2015!



THE CASEY SISTERS: Sibling Revelry
Old Bridge Music OBMCD22

There are times when it seems like certain families got more than their fair share of musical genes, when a whole load of them can display talent of the highest order. So it is for the three sisters Nollaig Casey (vocals, fiddle, viola, tin whistle), Máire Ní Chathasaigh (Irish harp, piano, keyboards) and Mairéad Ní Chathasaigh (vocals, fiddle, tin whistle, low flute). All three are known for their outstanding work in their respective interpretations of Irish music and song, but this is their first recording as a band of sisters, accompanied by Arty McGlynn on guitar and Chris Newman on bass.

Máire has rightly been described as “the doyenne of Irish harp players”, taking the instrument in new directions and acting as a generational influence.

Nollaig has sung and played fiddle solo and with more musicians than you could list on the back of a ream of envelopes.

Mairéad is a singer whose depth of knowledge and understanding of the Irish traditions is peerless.

And they all are award-winning multi-instrumentalists as well. Not bad going for one family! They have been so busy with their individual careers that you maybe can understand why they’ve not got together before, but after listening to this release, the only question is: “what took you so long?”

The album brings together traditional songs and tunes, with a six-part Bandonbridge Suite, co-authored by the three siblings to finish off the CD. This comes at the end of a stunning mixture of songs which are as clearly sung as any I’ve heard, and the playing throughout is a masterclass in allowing restraint in playing to demonstrate the complexities of the tunes. The punning title is well-chosen, as there is no rivalry here, rather musical co-operation in which none dominates and all contribute evenly. A superb album.
Gordon Potter

A radio programme about the sisters featuring an extended interview with Ellen Cranitch was broadcast on "Grace Notes" on RTÉ Lyric FM on Thursday October 8 and is now available to listen to on the RTÉ Player - click here to listen to the show.

An interview with the sisters was published in the current (November) issue of Irish Music Magazine and their photo features as an inset on the front cover.

The album has already been played on RTÉ Lyric FM, Raidio na Gaeltachta, Clare FM, Shannonside Radio, Midwest Radio, Tipp FM and LMFM - Máire was interviewed on LMFM about the album last Sunday.

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