Brenda Wootton 


Chris Newman writes:

In the early eighties I did a lot of work with Cornish singer Brenda Wootton. We didn't do many gigs in the UK, but spent a long time overseas in Australia, Canada and most of all, France. She was a huge star there, and attracted great audiences in all parts of the country.

Occasionally we'd be joined on tour with some extra musicians: one trip was made in the company of a large choir and in the spring of 1984 we were joined by the Camborne Town Band, a terrific bunch of blokes who were led by a chap called Derek Greenwood. It was a fun trip and included a week-long run at the famous Bobino theatre in Paris.

One of the shows was recorded and the tapes recently turned up and have been released on CD by John Knight, the chap who recorded most of Brenda's studio albums.

You can find out much more about the project by visiting the website that John's set up to promote the recording.

The CD's not on our label of course, but I thought it'd be nice to put it in our webshop as there is a strong family connection!

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