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Songs for Sophie
Various Artists

I was delighted to be invited to take part in this very exciting and worthwhile project - I'm honoured (and slightly amazed) to be in such exalted company!

Please note that all proceeds from the sale of this CD will be sent to the fund in Texas.

From the website of Flatpicking Guitar Magazine...

Songs for Sophie: A Collings Collective
is a special recording project whereby some of the most talented musicians in acoustic music have volunteered their time and talent to help a very special girl, Sophie McCreary, and her family. Sophie is currently ten years old and has early onset bipolar disorder. [For more information about Sophie, please visit: http://www.anm.com/sophie/.] Sophie’s dad, Steve McCreary, is the general manager of Collings Guitars, Inc. of Austin, Texas.

All of the musicians who have contributed to this project own and play Collings instruments and used those instruments—guitars and mandolins—on this recording. Each musician eagerly contributed to this project (without pay), not only because it was to benefit a good cause, but because of the love they have for their Collings instruments and the company that makes them. Collings guitars and mandolins are regarded as some of the highest quality instruments being built today. But a high quality product is not the only thing that keeps these artists loyal to Collings. Loyalty is built upon personal relationships and a big part of that loyalty to Collings is due to the relationship these artists have with Steve McCreary. Steve is one of the friendliest, easy to get along with, and professional individuals in the music industry and thus has earned the respect and high regard of everyone who has had the pleasure of working with him. When I contacted each of these fine musicians and asked if they would contribute to this project they did so without hesitation. “I’ll do anything to help Steve,” was the typical response.

When you gather together some of the world’s best musicians, playing some of the world’s finest acoustic instruments, and ask them to play from their heart to help a man who they all respect greatly, and the daughter who he dearly loves, the result is nothing short of musical magic. I hope you will enjoy listening to this recording as much as we enjoyed making it. All proceeds from this recording go directly to help offset the high costs of Sophie’s care. I thank you for helping that effort by purchasing this CD. If you feel inspired to lend more help to Sophie, please visit the above mentioned website and navigate to the “What To Do” page.

Dan Miller
Flatpicking Guitar Magazine, FGM Records

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Tracklist Title and Artist Credits
1 Sophie - Brad Davis
Written by Brad Davis, BDM Publishing, BMI
Brad Davis plays a Collings Clarence White model guitar
Guitar, Mandolin, Bass, Vocals - Brad Davis
2 Burdock Root - Matthew Arcara Written by Matthew Arcara, MGA Music
Matthew Arcara plays a Collings D1A
Guitar - Matthew Arcara, Mandolin - Jacob Jolliff

Cello - Tristan Clarridge, Violin - Tashina Clarridge
Recorded by Dale Adkins at Adams Ridge Studio
3 Guardian Angels - Keith Sewell Written by Keith Sewell, Keith Sewell Music, BMI
Keith Sewell plays a Mahogany Collings Winfield guitar
Guitar - Keith Sewell
4 In His Eyes - Kenny & Amanda Smith Written by Steven Curtis Chapman and James Isaac Elliott, Birdwing Music, ASCAP
Kenny Smith plays a Collings D1A Vintage guitar
Guitar and Harmony Vocal - Kenny Smith

Lead Vocal - Amanda Smith
5 Good Medicine - Mark Cosgrove Written by Mark Cosgrove, Noisy Neighbors Music, BMI
Mark Cosgrove plays a Collings D2H Winfield guitar
Guitar - Mark Cosgrove, Bass - Byron House

Drums - Kenny Malone, Fiddle - Stuart Duncan
Mandolin - Sam Bush, Banjo - Bela Fleck
6 Missing You - Chris Hillman & Herb Pederson Written by Chris Hillman, Tom Russell, & Richard Sellars
Bar None Music Inc., BMI
Chris Hillman plays a Collings MF-5 mandolin: Herb Pederson plays a Collings C-J Sunburst guitar
Mandolin and Lead Vocal - Chris Hillman, Guitar and Harmony Vocal - Herb Pederson
, Dobro - Sally Van Meter
Fiddle - Gabe Witcher, Guitar - Larry Park, Bass - Bill Bryson
7 The Geese in the Bog - Tim O’Brien Traditional, arranged by Tim O’Brien
Tim O’Brien plays a 12-fret Collings DS2H A guitar and a Collings/Nugget collaboration Tim O’Brien model mandolin
Guitar and Mandolin - Tim O’Brien
Engineered by Gary Paczosa and Brandon Bell at Minutiae Sound; Tim O’Brien appears courtesy of Sugar Hill Records
8 You’ve Got So Much Love - Jim Lauderdale Written by Jim Lauderdale, SESAC
Jim Lauderdale plays a Collings D2H Sunburst guitar
Guitar and Vocal - Jim Lauderdale
9 Late At Night - Dan Miller & Brad Davis Written by Dan Miller and Brad Davis, BDM Publishing, BMI
Dan Miller plays a Collings Clarence White model guitar
Brad Davis plays a Collings Clarence White model guitar with his patented “Brad Bender” B-string bending device
Guitar - Dan Miller; Guitar, Mandolin, and Bass - Brad Davis
10 Whispering Hope - Rich Brotherton Traditional, arranged by Rich Brotherton
Rich Brotherton plays a Short Scale, Brazilian/Adirondack Collings OM3 guitar
Guitar and Vocal - Rich Brotherton
11 Old Bud - Cody Kilby Written by Cody Kilby
Cody Kilby plays a Brazilian, Adirondack Collings D2H guitar
Guitar - Cody Kilby
12 Tous Les Deux - David Doucet & Scott Fore Written by David Doucet
David Doucet plays a Brazilian, Adirondack Collings OM2H guitar: Scott Fore plays a Collings Winfield guitar
Guitar and Vocal - David Doucet, Guitar - Scott Fore, Bass and Vocal - Al Tharp
13 McCreary’s March - Steve Kaufman Written by Steve Kaufman, Steve Kaufman Enterprises, Inc.
Steve Kaufman plays a Collings OM42 guitar
Guitar - Steve Kaufman
14 Complementary Pillow - James Nash Written by James Nash, Nashvillian Music, ASCAP
James Nash plays a Collings D2H A guitar and an MT1 mandolin
Guitar, Mandolin, and Vocals - James Nash
15 Around the House - Chris Newman Written by Chris Newman, MCPS/PRS, 2005
Chris Newman plays a Collings OM1E
Guitars, Electric bass - Chris Newman
Catalogue details FGM Records FGM116, 2005
Barcode number 635759165023

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