Chris Newman Two
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Chris Newman wrote in 2005:

Back in the early 80s I made a couple of solo albums. The first, the imaginatively titled Chris Newman came out in 1981. All traces of that record have long since disappeared except for a handful of LP records that I kept as souvenirs. A couple of years later I recorded Chris Newman Two (titles never were my strong point), an LP that featured many friends and collaborators from that era. They're all listed below, and included ace mandolin player Simon Mayor and Britainís foremost exponent of the triangle, Fred Wedlock. 

A few months ago I uncovered the original stereo masters and was surprised to find them in excellent condition. I'm very grateful to Andy Allan, the original recording engineer, who's done a fine job decoding the 1983 vintage Dolby 'A' recordings and creating the files needed to put the audio into the digital domain.

The album hasn't been altered in any way - what you have here is the original 1983 recording full of terrific tunes played on various guitars, mandolins, banjo, flute, piano, bass & drums. And triangle.  We even kept the deliberate (!) mistake on the track listings...we all had a lot of fun when we made this record - I hope you enjoy it.

Chris Newman Two (OBMCD16) is available now.

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Tracklist Minor Swing
Coming Down From Denver
The Powers That Were
I Thank You Mr Moon
The Death of Lord Neill/Planxty Brown
Coloured Aristocracy
Hometown Polka
Turkey In The Straw
Bryant's Boogie
The Atholl Highlanders/The Blackbird
Coffee Grinder
American Trilogy Part 2
The Real American Folksong
Buffalo Girls 
Musicians Steve Kingston - drums
Jon Press - banjo
Henry Davies - piano
Mark Newman - guitar
Min Newman - vocal
Simon Mayor - mandolin
Bill Plenty - vocal
Fred Wedlock - triangle
Simon Priestley - flute
Chris Newman - acoustic & electric guitars, mandolin & electric bass 
Catalogue details Old Bridge Music OBMCD16, 2005
Barcode number 5023405001620
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