Disclosure and Privacy Policy

Business description

Founded in 1990, Old Bridge Music is wholly owned by Máire Ní Chathasaigh and Chris Newman, and primarily exists to promote their books and CDs, as well as a few others produced by close friends and colleagues.


Privacy policy

On our database we hold details of customers and also those people who fill out contact forms at concerts because they have asked to be kept informed of new CD releases, concert dates etc. We store names, addresses and email addresses only – we never keep any credit card details that we might have acquired. As soon as a transaction is concluded the card number is shredded. We never store card numbers electronically nor do we ever keep paper copies of card numbers.

The information is used only to inform people of forthcoming releases of new book or CDs, plus upcoming tour dates.

We never share this information with any other person or company.

Every time we send out a mailing, either by email or post, we always include a line that states “If you no longer wish to receive these occasional mailings, please let us know and you’ll be removed from the database and will not hear from us again.”

Our contact details (phone number & email address) are included on every piece we send out. That information, plus our mailing address, is also printed on the inlay card of every CD, as well as the inside front cover of every book we sell.

Security: our database is held on one computer that lives in the office in our house. Apart from external backup hard drives that also are in the office, the information isn’t kept anywhere else. As previously mentioned, all papers containing credit or debit card information are routinely shredded as soon as the transaction has been approved.

Customers often contact us when they move house or get a new email address. Our records are instantly updated as we have no interest in sending pointless emails, or incurring the cost of paying for a stamp to send something to an invalid address.


Delivery policy

Orders are normally sent out the same day although there might be an occasional delay if we’re on tour. If we’re away for more than three days we arrange to have someone come into the office to deal with any orders.

Orders are always sent by Royal Mail first class post, or airmail if applicable. We never send orders second class.

We normally deliver to the address connected with the credit or debit card. At our discretion (usually for returning customers) we can arrange delivery to a different address – if the item’s a present for example.

Customers in the UK can normally expect to receive their goods within 2 working days. Overseas delivery times will obviously be dependent upon destination.

It’s not possible to track shipments sent by Royal Mail first class or airmail.


Return/ refund/ cancellation policy

If a book or CD is ordered in error, for example if the customer already owns the same title, we are happy to refund or exchange the item for a different one provided the original item is returned to us in as-new condition. In the case of a CD as-new condition means that the cellophane wrapping must be intact in order that the CD can be resold.

We’re happy to refund or replace within seven days of the date of the good’s despatch.

We don’t charge a restocking fee.

We don’t include return shipping labels with every order as our address is clearly marked on every book and CD.

Our telephone number and email address is printed on every book and CD.


Contact information

If for any reason a customer needs to get in touch with us, we are extremely easy to contact.

Our telephone number, email address and mailing address is clearly displayed on every item we sell, and is in plain sight on our website.