Old Bridge Music

Atlantic Highway

1 Star of Munster Farewell to Erin
2 Huckleberry Hornpipe
3 Molly McAlpine
4 Blarney Pilgrim Banish Misfortune
5 Lady Dillon
6 Redesdale Biddlestone
7 Durang's Hornpipe
8 The Otter's Holt
9 Coffee Grinder
10 Buffalo Gals Redwing
11 Cliffs of Moher
12 I'll Get Wed in my Old Clothes Shane's Fancy
13 Fanny Power
14 Midnight on the Water
15 Morgan Magan
16 The Wise Maid A Cup of Tea
17 Gold Rush

Atlantic Highway


February 2023 – Chris Newman writes:

Jon Press has been living in Bristol since his university days in the 1970s by which time he was already an accomplished guitar and banjo player A talented instrument repairer with a string of impressive restorations under his belt, he recently decided he’d like to make an album of the music he’s enjoyed playing for many years. I was delighted to help out in this endeavour and between us we enlisted the help of a bunch of extremely gifted guest musicians.

Simon Mayor is one of the best mandolin players you’ll see or hear anywhere: Nollaig Casey’s fiddle has graced countless recordings for the last four decades: Liam Bradley is a very well-known drummer and percussionist who, like Nollaig, has performed and recorded with an astonising array of famous names. Hugh Bradley (no relation to Liam) is an excellent string bass player who you’re very likely to see on tour with Steve Tilston, and Niles Krieger is a terrific American fiddle player who spent several years at the University of Newcastle and enjoyed it so much he decided to stay.

I spend most of my time touring with Máire Ní Chathasaigh but thoroughly enjoyed getting involved with a project like this. Jon’s very like me in that he’s always been reluctant to confine himself to only one style of music, and on this recording you’ll hear plenty of traditional Irish tunes along with a few forays into Northumberland, and lots of Americana.

It’s a terrific recording that I’m sure you’ll enjoy!

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Jon Press guitars, banjo Chris Newman acoustic and electric guitars, mandolins, electric bass Nollaig Casey fiddles Liam Bradley drums and percussion Niles Krieger fiddles Simon Mayor mandolin Hugh Bradley double bass.



1. Star of Munster/Farewell to Erin 2. Huckleberry Hornpipe 3. Molly McAlpine 4. Blarney Pilgrim / Banish Misfortune 5. Lady Dillon 6. Redesdale/Biddlestone 7. Durang’s Hornpipe 8. The Otter’s Holt 9. Coffee Grinder 10. Buffalo Gals/Redwing 11. Cliffs of Moher 12. I’ll Get Wed in my Old Clothes/Shane’s Fancy 13. Fanny Power 14. Morgan Magan 15. The Wise Maid / A Cup of Tea 16. Gold Rush